Reid Bicycles – Vintage Ladies Bike (REVIEW)

You’ve gotta be asking yourself if it’s worth it? It’s the cheapest ladies bike that I’ve seen on the market and it’s a no frills bike with the looks and the style that’s called for in almost every Melbourne Suburb! Less than $300.00 and you can be rolling by the end of the day with the wind in your hair!

But did it withstand Melbourne’s streets?

So far so good, I can’t complain, it get’s me to work on time and it hasn’t fallen apart.

James is even going to let you customise your ladies bike! Head in store for the details!

The specifications for the 6 Speed Bike

  • Steel Frame And Forks
  • Promax Dual Pivot Brakes
  • Full Shimano 6 Speed Gearing System
  • Gumwall Tyres 700 X 32 (Ideal For Riding On Road As Well As Off Road Bike Paths) – Think gentle rail trails!
  • Alloy Rims
  • Rear Bag Rack

As you can see, nothing fancy, nothing in that package to make it a million dollars and totally affordable for any women out there.

Biggest thing I hear about is people talking about brakes and needing to change them because the ‘brand’ isn’t any good. In this case there is nothing wrong with them, you literally can’t go fast enough on this bike to warrant ‘better’ brakes.

Comfort? I think it’s pretty good, yes, you will feel the vibrations in the road because that’s the sort of bike that it is, but the soft large saddle will get rid of most of those and if the saddle isn’t big enough I can assure you that they do get bigger if you need it!

How often do I use it? Probably about three times a week, I’ve ridden it to Williamstown, I rode it to Maribyrnong last weekend and along the bike path to Docklands and up to Vic Market. I don’t ride it in the rain and I keep it in my lounge room because I don’t want it to get effected by weather. Leave anything outside for too long and it will be affected by the weather!

Do I need more gears? No, not at all, sure there’s been some good sized hills but I’ve managed, I’ve put it in the easiest gear and just kept moving my legs, it may take a bit longer to get to the top but you will get there. Six seems to be perfect for Melbourne, I’m in Brunswick and travel to Southbank.

What’s the steering like? I found that I had to get used to it, it was a different weight compared to what I was used to on my road bike (naturally), it was heavier and when the basket is fully loaded you should be careful. Keeping this in consideration it is a good idea to invest in a basket or panniers for the back racks, this means that the weight will be distributed better and if you’re not sure on your abilities just yet this will help your confidence.

Exactly how speedy is this mean machine? Not very speedy at all, I did pass a man on a mountain bike the other day, but I think that was due to my fitness level. If you ever see an overly competitive women on a yellow ladies step through bicycles with a spotted Nutcase Helmet and Blue and Yellow Cape from Rocket Fuel, then you’ll know its me and that I’m trying to run you down, pass you and win (nothing). On average it takes about 20 minutes to go 5km and that’s only because I’ve gotten used to going slow.

Will you sweat? Only if you try too hard, best idea is to get a cape and that way you can keep the chill of you but not have to wear a big winter coat!

Put it on the list of bikes to try. Would I buy a $1000.00 ladies bike? No, this does everything without the need to spend huge money. If you have huge money and you want to spend it then by all means, but for those of use who don’t, here’s a good option.

5 thoughts on “Reid Bicycles – Vintage Ladies Bike (REVIEW)

  1. Kate says:

    I am thinking of getting one to ride to work – I think the ride will be about a 45 min ride and is up and down hills – is this bike good for this sort of riding?

  2. Judy says:

    I love my new bike – I don’t ride it enough. I ordered red, the colour I received is a bright orange, a little bright, I could have got the wrong colour, however conspicious I am, don’t care, I like riding it. Its a ladies bike with class, and it makes me feel good getting along the esplanades of the world.

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